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For those of you now familiar with this, Hot Coffee is a game patch mod that re-enables a sex minigame in the retail version of GTA : SA. The central character has sex with his girlfirend and you control the action. Of course conservative elements of the US population are jumping all over this.

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Game developer Take-Two Interactive Thursday announced a preliminary settlement on all consumer class action lawsuits in the U. The preliminary deal, if accepted by the U. District Court for the Southern District of New York, would end the suits against Take-Two and subsidiary Rockstar Games without any admission of liability or wrongdoing by the two companies, Take-Two said in a statement.

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This mod enables access to the mini-game. The mini-game portrays animated sexual intercourse between the main character, Carl "CJ" Johnsonand his chosen in-game girlfriend. The name of the mod is derived from the girlfriend's offer for the main character to come into her home for "coffee," a euphemism for sex. Although the "Hot Coffee" mini-game was completely disabled and its existence was only highlighted after the mod's release for the PC version on June 9,[1] the assets for the mini-game were also discovered in both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the game, and people found ways to enable the mini-game via console video game hacking tools.

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Game modders dug around in San Andreas and found an abandoned sex minigame -- the protagonist is invited into his girlfriend's house for coffee, and naughtiness ensues. Outraged politicians and the media jumped on the game, and the Entertainment Software Ratings Board re-rated the game from Mature to Adults-Only. Now here's the crazy part about the Hot Coffee scandal: Almost no one could actually play the minigame.

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For those who haven't been following the games news over the past few weeks, there's been a lot of controversy over the "Hot Coffee" modification that unlocks secret sex scenes. This kind of coverage does nothing for the reputation of the games industry, and everything for Rockstar's bank balance. I find Easter Eggs of this sort tedious at best, concurring with Keith's previous posts about sex in games as puerile escapades into the stupider subjectivities of popular intercourse.

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It allows your character to perform virtual sex acts with your virtual girlfriend within the game. However, Hot Coffee is locked by default so that during normal gameplay, it isn't seen or accessed in any way. In the original releases of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," the game remained, albeit locked and unknown to most gamers.

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Rockstar has denied that the "Hot Coffee" pornographic mini-game, which is enabled by a mod for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, is actually a part of the game, after it became the subject of an investigation by the ESRB in North America. San Andreas is currently rated M Mature by the ESRB, but last week the ratings board came under fire from Californian assemblyman Leland Yee, who accused the board of failing parents and generally being untrustworthy after news of the Hot Coffee mod broke. It's hardly a change of tune for Yee, who seems to have made it his life's mission to prove that the generally well-regarded ESRB is in cahoots with the rest of the industry to put lower ratings on games than they actually deserve.

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The Grand Theft Auto games are known for creating controversy in the gaming world. For example, the original PlayStation 2 version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas released in includes a secret mini-game called "Hot Coffee" that allows players to perform virtual sex acts. If your copy of the game was manufactured during or after the fourth quarter ofthe "Hot Coffee" mini-game is not included. Enable the "Hot Coffee" codes below and go on a date.


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